judoTV is looking worldwide to increase the Partners Network

  • content contributors
  • judoTV operators
  • judoTV producers
  • judo competition organizers
  • judo federations

judoTV welcomes any content contributions. In fact, we need them, and we are hoping to get this content from judoka around the globe.

As for our role, we'll try to disseminate visual information and articles on training sessions, competitions, dojo stories, anything that is of interest for the judo community.

Therefore, we are very interested in establishing partnerships with judoka that would accept to share their knowledge via judoTV, as corespondents and producers of local reports.

We offer the judoTV platform to our Partners enabling them to offer comprehensive judo content to the judo community.

The Partner Commitment

We want to build a real partnership - not just distribution channels - based on a win-win policy.

We are committed to distributing free judo content from our partners and we will not offer competing capabilities and services. judoTV knows no channel conflicts. We, judoTV, are the back office for our Partners.

Partners are our main contributors and Partners are crucial in determining development priorities and directions.

How to become a judoTV Contributor

The first step is to register on judoTV and check if you have judo content of interest that is not already present on judoTV.
Send us your judo content, in any video format (tapes, digital format) and we will convert it for download. We will add the judoTV logo and an announcement regarding your contribution.

How to become a judoTV Producer

Being a judoTV Producer involves signing a Partner contract by which you agree on terms and conditions for producing on behalf of judoTV. Based on the partner agreement, we will provide the opportunity to include your video productions for competitions, stages a.s.o in the judoTV broadcasting network.

Partner Program details and contract - coming soon

We want you to succeed !